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Eyes squinted, heart pumping, fear rising…

That’s how I feel as I jump into the world of blogging and online content. I’m much more comfortable figuring out business and development problems or helping communities to identify opportunities. But, I realize that if I am to do my best to fulfil the mission that drove my wife and I and our family to create Baraka Supplies then I need to screw up the courage and jump in! Fortunately I have some great help and support (isn’t it wonderful how we can be fortunate enough to attract great people and energy sometimes!).

Over the coming weeks and months you will see (hopefully) regular and interesting information come to this blog.

And, I hope you can help us too. If you have a particularly interesting story about how you use our Shea Butter or Baskets, or work that you do in the community, please send it and we will do our best to post it as a guest blog.

I’m going to end with what we believe and Our Mission. Thanks for reading.


We believe that if we treat our suppliers well and find ways to support their families and priorities through our business AND if we treat our customers well, giving them Great service, great products and good prices, then our business will grow and we will be able to move along the path that our mission sets out for us

Our mission is to bring unique and high quality products to the global market in a fairequitable andenvironmentally sustainable manner. By achieving this, we will create value for the entire supply chain, from the original producers through to the end users.

Baraka Supplies was originally the idea of husband and wife team, Wayne Dunn and Gifty Serbeh-Dunn (one Canadian/Irish, one Ghanaian/Canadian). At its heart are people and partners who share a passion for helping local women generate income to develop their own communities. Buying from Baraka Supplies means your money supports real community development. But it also connects you directly with the producers, their families and villages. You are helping to create sustainable employment, and give Ghanaian communities a true place in the global world of equitable commercial activity. Just as our word ‘Baraka’ crosses cultures and continents (see Our Name), so do our ideals. And supporting these ideals is easy.

In the future our communities will be able to welcome you as guests and friends, proud to share with you their achievements. For now, we are happy to share with you our products and our projects and we welcome any ideas for developing our mission further.


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