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Name:Heather Heaman

Company: Boudica




Twitter: @boudicabodycare









Heather from Boudica found Baraka through some Shea Butter discussions  with other soap makers. She wanted to give our Shea Butter a try because of our focus on the women who make the shea butter and contributing back to their communities.


Heather says:  "Baraka  Shea is much creamier than the shea that we had been purchasing through our previous supplier."









Moving forward, Boudica plans to use Baraka Shea Butter because of the high quality, but also because the support for the women and their communities since this fits with the ethics of their company.  They enjoy having a connection between their end product and the women who created the Shea Butter that they use.

An exciting accomplishment of Boudica soaps is that they were in the celebrity gift bags at the 2014 Junos Awards Gibson All Star Party!  Many celebrities must have enjoyed some top quality soaps!  Congratulations, Boudica on this wonderful feature.



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