Baraka Featured Customer....Peaux d'Ange-Angel's Skins soap company

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Name: Mylene

Company: Peaux d'Ange-Angel's Skins soap company



Twitter: @peauxdange


 Mylene from the Peaux d'Ange-Angel's Skins Soap Company creates the following products with our Baraka Shea:

  • Soaps
  • Creams
  • Ointments
  • Skin care products
  • Bath bombs


Mylene loves to craft hand cream and face cream with Baraka Shea. She has noticed a very significant difference in her skin care products, particularly in eczema skin care and creams for dry skin since using Baraka Shea.


She had heard of us through the Canadian Soapmakers Guild and had learned of our good reputation from other fellow Canadian Soap Makers.


After trying over 20 different varieties of Shea Butter, Mylene has noticed such a difference in the quality of her products when using Baraka Shea that she now will continue to be a dedicated customer. We are thrilled by this wonderful news!


Mylene is a very dedicated mother to her son and an inspirational business owner who strives to make top quality skin care products for her customers. Both her and her husband enjoy the smell and quality of Baraka Shea Butter, so much that as soon a shipment arrives, they must open the packaging just to take a deep breath to enjoy the smell of our natural shea.


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