Happy New Year from Baraka!

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I hope that you all had a great Christmas season and that the New Year is off to a wonderful start.

I’m hoping for more love, joy and adventure in 2015.

As the year starts I am feeling a bit like I am leading a double life so I thought I’d share a bit about my ‘other hat’ with my Baraka family.

For a long time, since the 1980s to be exact, I’ve been fascinated by the space where business meets society and with the idea of creating and adding value there.  So fascinated actually that I named my recently created blog, Where Business Meets Society.

For years I did consulting work, in Canada and globally, helping stakeholders to align shareholder and societal value; what came to be known as Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR.

After winding my CSR consulting practice down in 2006 so I could launch a venture harvesting timber from a submerged forest in Ghana, I resurfaced in the CSR space in about 2012.

In 2013 I started teaching and created the CSR Training Institute.

In the past few months I’ve started to do some writing on Corporate Social Responsbility you can see the articles here>>> . 

I regularly do CSR related keynotes and lectures around the world.  You can find many of them on Slideshare.

Last fall in Calgary for the first time I brought together the Social Purpose work that I do through Baraka with the CSR strategy and advisory work that I do globally and spoke of it in a keynote to a conference there.  You can see the slides here.

I’ve put my title and social media links for my work with the CSR Training Institute below and invite any who might be interested to check it out and, if you want, to follow or connect.

If anyone is interested in a deeper dive into who I am and why you can check out an autobiographical address that I gave to the 50th anniversary of the Stanford Graduate School of Business’ Sloan Fellowship program.

OK, that is definitely enough about me.

All the very best in 2015 to you and all in your family and community.


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 “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”

 William Butler Yeats

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