I'm Off To Kperisi, Ghana for a Month

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And I’m off… to Kperisi.   As you are reading this I am just arriving in our Ghana community where Baraka Shea Butter is made. And for a bit longer than normal – so be ready for a blizzard of posts and photos…from my hands to your screen…   (OK, not as exciting as getting the Kperisi Women’s amazing Baraka Shea Butter direct …from their hands to yours…    But, the best I can do.



It is Shea Seed (nut) picking time now and many of the women will be going out every day to pick shea nuts, the first step on the road to making Baraka Shea Butter.

Shea Fruit, which is at the end of the season (I’m hoping I can find some late fruit for a treat when I get there) will have ripened and fallen from the shea trees.  The women collect it from where it has fallen.  Sometimes animals and nature will have removed most of the fruit from around the Shea Nut and sometimes not.

They pick them, one by one by one, and carry them back to their homes where they are par-boiled to remove any remaining fruit and start the process towards becoming Baraka Shea Butter.

 Picking the fallen seeds is hard work and care needs to be taken as there can sometimes be snakes and scorpions lurking near the fallen seeds.

 I will be getting pictures and doing posts on the women picking shea seeds so stay tuned.

 Over the coming weeks we will be conducting our next round of ongoing quality control training.  As you can tell from the reviews on Google and Facebook the Baraka Shea Butter the women of Kperisi produce is consistently of an amazing quality. 

View and/or leave your own Google Review → http://bit.ly/BarakaReview 

View and/or leave your own Facebook Reviews →http://bit.ly/Baraka_Review_FB 

But, they want to keep improving so we are working with them to document their best practices and make sure that the work of the best producers can be replicated by all. 

So, keep checking on Facebook for pictures, videos and updates.






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