Economic Development

Income generation

Baraka Supplies works with a local women’s development trainer and practitioner, Amina Yussef to work with women’s groups to train them on income generation activities. Women are trained in basic micro business strategy and economics. They are then trained in various specific activities that will allow them to generate income, often by making products for sale into local market days. Products include soap, bowfruit (donut like product made with Shea Butter) and other products that sell well in local markets. In partnership with Shea Butter Market over 40 local women in Tapko were trained and are able to add to household income with the skills they developed. In Kperisi a recent project saw over 3,000 person hours of training for about 40 women.

Micro-credit support

We encourage our producers to become involved with organizations and projects that can provide micro-credit support to their income generation and development efforts.

We support local micro-credit projects where possible; contributing capital to be used for lending, providing capacity development support and training for the organizations or taking advantage of other opportunities to provide assistance and support.