Education & Youth

School uniforms and supplies

Children going to school in Ghana require a uniform. Always have. That can be challenging for families with limited resources.

Baraka Supplies worked with one of our shea butter customers to provide school uniforms and school supplies for all 260 school children in the village of Kperisi.

We tried to do it in a way that was as supportive as possible of local markets and providers. We purchased the fabric from the local market and hired local sewers and tailors to do the measuring, cutting and sewing. Because of a great sale and support from our local Staples store in Duncan we ended up bringing many of the school supplies from Canada, but some were purchased in Ghana.

The end result was 260 children of all ages starting school in Sept 2014 with brand new uniforms and school supplies, a fabric seller from the market with a large sale and a group of tailors with weeks or work and income.

Older students waiting for classes to begin on
first day of school

Children lining up by grades and ages prior to
going into the school

Some of the younger children getting ready to go into school.
You can see a couple of new students who arrived in
the village after the children were measured and fitted.
We are trying to organize uniforms for them as well

Children line up to be measured
by the tailor

The Chief Tailor in the market buying
fabric for the school uniforms.

Tailor measuring the children for
their school uniforms. For some it is
the first school uniform they have ever received

The tailor in his shop cutting
the uniforms

The tailor in his shop preparing to
sew the uniforms

Children lining up to see the tailor and be
measured for their new school uniforms

Girl Child Education

Baraka Supplies works with WaCa Development Partners, an NGO based in Northern Ghana to support tuition and other educational costs for girls in high school and post-secondary programs. This is supported through contributions from Baraka as well as direct contributions and fundraising by and with Baraka’s customers and others in the value chain


School Supplies

Supporting education is a high priority for all of us.  We regularly provide basic school supplies to families and schools in the communities that produce Baraka Shea Butter and Bolga Baskets. Sometimes it is just taking a box of basic supplies with us when we travel to the village and other times we organize special events and fundraisers to support larger projects.

Sports Equipment

Children the world over love to play. This is healthy, supporting their physical, mental and emotional well-being. We try to support this by providing sports equipment such as balls and uniforms. Sometimes ad-hoc, sometimes through organized fund-raisers with partners, we delight in helping children to have fun and play.

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