Our Principles

While our goals must be ambitious, we recognize that we will on occasion fall short of our aims. We strive for progress, not perfection, and welcome input from all stakeholders that can help us achieve more and do better.

Therefore, we are dedicated to working in accordance with the following Principles:


Sustainable Development Goals

Baraka Shea Butter actively supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the planet’s development framework. They were passed unanimously by the United Nations in Sept. 2015 and are a guiding principle for progressive organizations and businesses everywhere.

Our business is organized and our impact optimized around supporting and promoting the SDGs. For information on how you can support the SDGs please contact Wayne (email). He teaches, lectures and consults on this globally.

Community Development & Social Value Creation

We believe that local communities and stakeholders deserve to benefit from business activities in their areas. To this end, we will seek innovative and sustainable ways to support the ongoing sustainable social and economic development of communities where our products are produced.


Environmental Stewardship

The Earth’s ecosystem is the ultimate source of wealth and value creation. Conventional approaches to business and growth have steadily threatened that ecosystem. However, more careful approaches can protect, and even enhance, that ecosystem. This must include meeting or exceeding international environmental standards. It can include the imaginative use of alternatives to protect scarce or threatened resources and husband our planet’s natural capital.


Financial Sustainability

We recognize that without adequate financial returns we will not be able to achieve any of the above objectives. Baraka Supplies will be operated and managed to provide strong financial returns. We believe that working in accordance with the above principles will support our financial goals and enable us to support the families and communities that produce our products and earn enough to support our own family and home in Canada.

To contact us with feedback or suggestions, please click here.

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